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Lon'qu/Libra Chibis by lumisse
Lon'qu/Libra Chibis
I wanted to test out how well shrinky dinks worked with printer ink, so I drew these two designs to test it out. *^* Idk, the color fades a lot, so color pencils might be the best, after all.

The fe:a still runs strong within me. I might post a dump in the near future. Maybe.


Lon'qu and Libra (c) Nintendo, Intelligent Systems
Fe:a - Caerca by lumisse
Fe:a - Caerca
For my brother's birthday, I drew one of his Fire Emblem: Awakening MUs. This one is my favorite (not only because I helped design her, lol). It was really fun and I'm becoming more comfortable with stronger colors.

I stayed up sort of late to finish it, actually, but unfortunately, I don't think he liked it very much, which hurts a little. I think it's partially my screen's fault, because it desaturates color so that color doesn't appear as red and bright and gross as it really is. Excessive red is probably not everything, so if you have some constructive critique, I'd be happy to hear it. :aww:

Thanks for stopping by! <3
By your side by lumisse
By your side
After 4+ months, I finally turned in my exchange with writingandchocolatemilk. o/ I'm really sorry for the wait, and I hope it was worth it! She gave me a lovely fanfiction (GerIta, fashion au) that you can find if you click on this link: writingandchocolatemilk.tumblr… . :heart:

Thanks for stopping by, and have a nice day!

Now for some rambling.... a lot went into this.
For once, I think I did a pretty good job, but I don't think I could do this again if I tried. XD Choosing colors was a complete RNG fest! Drawing this taught me a lot about perspective and the importance of clean lines (which I lacked here...) so while this was hard, it was very rewarding. I don't think I'll be doing any exchanges or trades for a while though. I really need to sharpen up my skills and speed (and draw some self-indulgent fire emblem awakening art. I can hardly wait!)

While I was drawing this, I actually formulated a story in my head. I like it quite a lot, but it seems like it would be long and I don't think I'll ever have the chance (nor the skill?) to write it, which is a bit of a shame, actually. ^^; 

I hope I can produce more things like this in future, but the quality of stuff is going to nosedive for a while.... things like this only come about once a year or so. :P 
And there's still ways to go... by lumisse
And there's still ways to go...
Because I was at least 4 months late for my exchange with writingandchocolatemilk, I felt obligated to add a bonus art on top of my part, so here it is.... some chibis. ._____. (My actual exchange part here:… )

I'm trying my hand at a simplified coloring style. Gotta learn to be quick! 
Mostly to tell all that I am still alive here, just very busy. XD But I'm trying to be more active in my school's drawing club this year and they require submissions from dA, so that should mean more activity. 

My life is good (and I hope yours is, too), but I wish I had more time to draw and recently, I've started to outline a plot for a pretty elaborate fanfiction. I don't write much, so it might not be any good but I really want to give it a go. But that will have to wait until next year, after I'm done with college admissions. Which I will be working on tonight, haha.

For my birthday, I got a 24 color set of sharpie markers. I never thought they would be useful, but I was never more wrong. For quick sketches with bold colors, they are brilliant. I highly recommend them. Sharpie also makes really great fine-tip pens, which I love to sketch with as well. I like them better than Sakura pigma, but the Sharpie tips aren't as durable. 

Still struggling with SFS (same face syndrome) and I'm not sure how to find a way out. I'm not very good at generating faces in my head, so I'll probably base characters' faces off of real people until I get the hang of it. But I don't really know my models/famous figures (they have more photos) so that will be an issue.

That's it for now!
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I'm just a noob who's trying to get better at drawing ^^ My favorite medium is digital art (even though I'm no good at lining digitally .__. ) but I also use watercolor, color pencil, etc. I also enjoy sketching!
My native language is English but I'm proficient in Chinese and I'm learning Japanese.
I'm kind of shy but feel free to talk to me ^^
Thanks for stopping by!

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