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Skypirates 1 by lumisse
Skypirates 1

Sky pirates!

This was for a manga-themed contest, which is why the face looks more mainstream anime than usual. She’s the first from a line of a bunch of new OCs that I dreamed up after I decided on the theme “sky pirates”.

This is my first full illustration of the year and also the first in a while. I thought it’d be a good opportunity to see how much I know about coloring and such. Color-picking was a fun but painful process, as usual.

Thanks for viewing! :sun:

Process gif:…

It's kind of cool that no longer how long I stay here, it seems that there's always new talents or artists to discover. : o
Sometimes I want to do a "draw this again" meme, but then I don't because I'm worried I won't be satisfied by the improvement I see.
RQ- SkylarMomo by lumisse
RQ- SkylarMomo
"Her music helps the plants grow." Not canon information, but it was something I thought up as I was drawing. In general, I'm actually really happy with how this came out! ^^

Request number 2, for :iconskylarmomo: ! I added some small details to her clothing, so I hope you don't mind. Thanks for requesting!

Character belongs to SkylarMomo
Art (c) me
Reference used. 

Original character reference:…
RQ- MultipleDimensionx by lumisse
RQ- MultipleDimensionx
First upload of 2016! :dummy:
Sketch request for :iconmultipledimensionx: . I had to draw her because she's so pretty. 

Thanks for your request submission! ^^

Character (c) MultipleDimensionx
Art (c) me


I needed a break from my hw, so I decided to do this meme I found over the week. 8) Also, happy new year to you all!
Original here The OC Owner Quiz 
by :iconannabeth5110:

I took this from :iconpuddingvalkyrie: because it looked like fun!

1. Credit me when using;
2. Send me it when done;
3. Don't use other person's OCs without their previous consent;
4. No frankenquizzing; (whatever that means)

5. Have fun!

STAGE 1 - Get your OCs outta the room

1. So, do you have OCs? What is your favourite?

If I didn’t have OCs, I couldn’t do the meme! I don’t have all that many, though, so I can list them here:

Major: Ruslan, Hermann, Lidia, Fritz 

Minor: Konrad, Lapin, Ruslan’s Grandmother, Hermann’s mother, Frederika.  

Super super minor (will not be included in meme): Genderbends, Madame Hamasaki, etc.

I'm kind of lazy to dig up things, but here. Links-
Ruslan:LCDC: Ruslan by lumisse
Trash Troupe by lumisse
Left to right: Hermann, Ruslan, Lidia 
(I hope the link works. Both figures are Lidia...)

Hermann studies the Dark Arts with Ruslan, and is a good student. He's actually good at a lot of things he tries, but it isn't without elbow grease. His family history a bit bumpy, but he lives a rather peaceful life in general, and he wants to become a doctor, though it runs against his world's perception of "Dark Arts". 

Lidia is a tattoo artist and bar owner. Her bar is tucked away in a place normal (as in, non-magic-wielding) people can't find, so it's basically a place for magic-users to rendezvous. She is a firey, expressive personality who likes to have some spice in her life.  
Fritz: Fritz by abluecorridor (art cred to the amazing abluecorridor. : D )
She's a very low-class kind of fairy (so no wings or absolute immortality and things) who's wandered out of her woodsy home, only to come back to it years later and find her woods deforested and so changed that she can't find her way home. She winds up finding a new "family", only to have that be taken away from her years later. This leads her to become depressive and after a series of events, causes her to erase her own memory, creating the bubbly, happy-go-lucky Fritz of today (though in one RP, her memory seal was broken, and she had to face her past fears).

Korad: Cecil-bw by lumisse (kind of iffy, but whatever.) There's not to be known about him quite yet. He has heterochromia, though, and his bangs cover his other eye (grey). The one that shows is blue. He's a assassin and uncertified surgeon. He plays around a lot in the underground, and also goes mostly be a different name (Cecil). He can use magic, too, but he didn't learn in an established institution (just from books and people), so his style is unconventional.  

If you look really hard/ pay attention, Ruslan and Hermann have actually cropped up on this blog more than once.
2. Great choice! So, have you ever killed a character outside the plot? How come?

No, but technically Ruslan’s Grandmother is dead, but her spirit lingers as a familiar for dark arts users (long story). 

3. Which of your characters is the oldest (first created)?

Technically, it’s a Mary Sue character I will cherish forever for being my first OC, but she’s not on the list here. Out of the ones still in action here, it’s Fritz.

4. Which of your characters is the newest?

Konrad. So new that he doesn’t even have a secure place/ background in any OC universe (there are 2 universes. Fritz is in her own, and the rest exist in the other.)

5. Which OC of yours is the strongest?
That’s really tough.

In terms of magic, Ruslan’s grandmother was extremely powerful and never really reached a “prime”. Out of the ones still living, Hermann and Konrad are quite good. Lidia can be vicious, too, but she lacks endurance because she doesn’t train as hard (but she’s good enough to scare drunk, scary. Magic-wielding people three times her size to keep order in her shop and strong enough to end pretty much any bar-fight without help, so it’s good enough).

Ruslan is the strongest in terms of sheer will power.

6. And who is the most developed one in personality?

Lidia, I suppose. It’s hard to say.

7. And our OCs are not always angels, I am sure. Which one of yours is the biggest troublemaker? Why?

It’s Ruslan. There is no arguing.

STAGE 2 - Posing for the Survey

8. Which of your characters is the prettiest? Or the most handsome? Can you post a picture of him/her below?

That’s really subjective. People who know/ have seen my OCs can decide. ;D

9. And I am sure there's one which is the flashiest in outfits! You mind show us a sample of his/her exotic or exciting sense of fashion?

Lidia. As a tattoo artist, she's proud of the ink on her body and tends to show a lot of skin. Her hair also doesn't really stay one color, though her favorites are blue, purple, pink, and maybe a combination (highlights). It's naturally dark brown, though. She also has a lot of piercings.

10. Looks fabulous! Whom picked that dresscode for you character?

She did. She dresses as she pleases. XD

11. Which OC do you think is the cutest? Will you post his/her picture for us?
I personally think Fritz is adorable.

STAGE 3 - In the Plot

13. So, I am sure some OCs live more than others in a tale. Which of your characters last longer?

Fritz, as a fairy, has an extremely long life span and ages around 10 times slower than humans do, but out of my normal mortals, Ruslan lives the longest. (I think I calculated 93 years old.)

14. What is the most appearing one? Some might be seen in action less than others...

Ruslan is the most impactful and memorable (I think), but Hermann pops up in my mind the most.

15. How about the least appearing one? Even the smaller parts count, right?
Frederika. She's important, but only waaay later down the timeline.

16. I am sure everyone would like it if their OCs were real. Which of them is the most normal?
Hermann gives off the most “normal person” vibes, but he’s not completely average, either.

17. And who's the craziest?
Ruslan in a way, because he’s the most impulsive and doesn’t care much (or occasionally ignorant of?) about the norm or convention. But Konrad has the worst personality/ far-off morals system.

18. And who is the friendliest?

Fritz! She’s the sunny and bubbly one.

19. The creepiest?
I suppose Konrad. He's not that creepy, just... bad.

20. The one who's mostly afraid?

Lidia. She was put under a curse that trapped her soul in a different body, and she was afraid she would run out of time before being able to go back to her original one.

STAGE 4 - In Life

21. What was the first character you introduced to the world?

As she’s the oldest, Fritz!

22. Is there one nobody knows about yet and you're eager to produce?
Momentarily, no. I would love to figure out Konrad's darn history, though.

23. Do you like Role Playing with other person's OCs? What was the best RP your characters ever had?

Yeah! I can’t say I’ve had a “best rp”, though. I haven’t done that many, and many are still ongoing. (that I need to reply to.) :3c

24. What would you like to tell us about your OCs right now?

The ones I currently have do have something of a story, but it’s unfortunately not written out for the most part. I’m currently wondering what people may be thinking of this list, because I don’t talk much about my OCs here at all. XD Y'all (with the exception of like, two people) must be really confused by now.

25. Is there something around you that makes you think of a certain character? A song, a toy, etc..?

Sometimes, water fountains (not the ones you drink from) make me think of Ruslan.

26. And the character you wish were real (can only pick one)?

Fritz is nice, but I don't need her to be real. As for the rest, they can't exist without each other. :T

27. What would your main characters say if they were here and now?

Too lazy to answer this at the moment, haha. 

STAGE 5 - Behaviour

28. Who's the most talkative? And the quietest?

Everyone kind of talks the same amount, but Hermann’s had the most chances to talk because he’s currently stuck with Ruslan and some relatively new people and needs to be the bridge/ cover up/ small talk person.

29. The politest?

Hermann all the way. The rudest would be Ruslan.

30. Any OC from royalty? Who?
Actually, no.

31. Are any of your OCs hobos or long way travelers?
My baby Fritz is a street urchin. ;v; She sometimes has to steal stuff for a living, though she takes random side jobs from time to time (often questionable jobs, though, because she’s technically “too young” (she appears to be somewhere 11-13) to hire). She’s a generally happy kid, nonetheless.

Ruslan is almost a hobo. Without Hermann and Eliah (friend’s OC) to back him up, he might be.

33. And their diet? What feeds your strangest character?
So what feeds Ruslan? It ranges from decent food (cooked by either Hermann or Eliah, or gotten from elsewhere) to garbage (random leftovers that are hardly identifiable, that he eats anyway because he’s too tired/hungry to care) to things that shouldn’t be edible (his own attempts at cooking).

34. Is any of them reflecting your personality directly? Name the three of them which are more alike you!

I think Hermann is the most like me, but better in many ways. I have the easiest time navigating his thoughts, anyway. In contrast, Ruslan is the most difficult for me to write. 

Other two that might be vaguely similar: Fritz...and my list of “two” stops there.

35. And for the gran-finale, what is the cutest couple?


So out of my major OCs-

Fritz- too young to know or care who she likes.

Ruslan- too absorbed in issues/ general life to care, and is asexual.

Hermann- Will fall/ is head over heels in love, but 95% likely never to make a move due to certain circumstances. Also ace.

Lidia- Will probably get married, but her partner is unofficial/ not 100% conceived by me. Straight.

….Meaning that among my OCs, there are no canon ships or couples! Hooray!

This was really fun to do. Even though I posted it, though, I don't really expect anyone to understand what's going on, but again, it was just for fun. 

Have a good day, everyone! ovo)/

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