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Hope by lumisse
Hope for a another day, Hope for a better day.
Hope, and don't falter.

I started this a few weeks back to wind down, but what was supposed to be a speed paint turned out pretty well... I would say better than even some of the pieces I invest hours into. However, I had huge exams coming, so I promised myself that I could not touch this painting again until testing was over. Well, I finished my math final, and finishing this was such fun.

It was not as speedy as it was meant to be, but still quite fast for me (~3 hrs) because a) I didn't feel like polishing b) I wanted it still to be "quick".

Drawing Libra is very relaxing, and I don't expect to be stopping anytime soon... :I 

Thanks for stopping by!
So many ideas, so little time.
Ora, Reference by lumisse
Ora, Reference
My cute little archer >v>

Her name is Ora, but I'm starting to think of some other names. Miu? Miuora (a combo, haha)? I will figure this out eventually. 

Jovial, sweet, but with a certain level of maturity. Very fast. 

Fun facts:
-Because of her talent with the bow, she's the pride of her poor, simple village.
-When she was younger, she was attacked by a bear and injured on her left leg. As a result, there is a slight infirmity there and she has to wear a brace to make up for it.
- Her proudest possession are her gloves, which she won in a contest.
-Has incredible memory. Screw up in front of her once, and she will never forget. Will remind you of your most embarrassing moments even 20 years later. XD 

Same project as Elena. 
Have a nice day! :sun: 
Elena, Reference by lumisse
Elena, Reference
A design for a tentative game project my brother wants to program. I get the fun task of designing 6-8 character. B) Elena came first. I didn't like her, but she kind of just got stuck in my brain. So she stays.

I'm really proud of this one because I've never designed my own armor before. I know the color scheme is iffy, but in my head that's just how it /is/, so I can't bring myself to change it.

The only downside is that if I want to complain that her design is too hard to draw, the only one to blame is myself... ^^;

Her name is Elena, and she's an estranged noble. She's super capable, and very hard to please. She does, however, have a soft spot for children.

Thanks for stopping by! 
Kellam by lumisse
"I've been practicing my war cry to get me noticed. I scared away two birds already!"
(... and then three more came)  

I drew this with BearilyThere in mind. :)

I didn't really care for him initially, but after he told me more about him I decided to investigate more about him. Kellam's actually adorable and very underrated. I hope I drew him okay. Metal/armor is always a challenge. 

also how do you mention people on this site? 
Mostly to tell all that I am still alive here, just very busy. XD But I'm trying to be more active in my school's drawing club this year and they require submissions from dA, so that should mean more activity. 

My life is good (and I hope yours is, too), but I wish I had more time to draw and recently, I've started to outline a plot for a pretty elaborate fanfiction. I don't write much, so it might not be any good but I really want to give it a go. But that will have to wait until next year, after I'm done with college admissions. Which I will be working on tonight, haha.

For my birthday, I got a 24 color set of sharpie markers. I never thought they would be useful, but I was never more wrong. For quick sketches with bold colors, they are brilliant. I highly recommend them. Sharpie also makes really great fine-tip pens, which I love to sketch with as well. I like them better than Sakura pigma, but the Sharpie tips aren't as durable. 

Still struggling with SFS (same face syndrome) and I'm not sure how to find a way out. I'm not very good at generating faces in my head, so I'll probably base characters' faces off of real people until I get the hang of it. But I don't really know my models/famous figures (they have more photos) so that will be an issue.

That's it for now!
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United States
I'm just a noob who's trying to get better at drawing ^^ My favorite medium is digital art (even though I'm no good at lining digitally .__. ) but I also use watercolor, color pencil, etc. I also enjoy sketching!
My native language is English but I'm proficient in Chinese and I'm learning Japanese.
I'm kind of shy but feel free to talk to me ^^
Thanks for stopping by!

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lumisse Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2015  Hobbyist
yoo, this is what I meant by "thread". XD 
I've mostly enjoyed chatting the past few weeks, so I thought it'd be fun just to start another conversation here. (Of course, participation is voluntary,so up to you.)

Since your on this site, you probably follow a few people, right? Who are your favorites?

My favorite is algenpfleger, but I there's a ton more that I also really like: hakuku, wlop, thuyngan. Then there's another, but she's not on this site. 
corruptedhelios Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Uhh you´re actually giving me the option to gush over my favorite artists *___* Okay i hope you wont regret it.
Quick words about your favs. I follow algenpfleger and wlop and while i really dig algenpflegers works i´m kida letdown by wlop since he only draws the same "perfect" girl archetype with next to no expression again and again. He´s great at creating great visuals with few strokes, but his style has been getting too predictable as of late.
I didnt know the other 2 but hakuku definitely got an interesting artstyle thats very appealing. Also his/her use of colors and shapes is really cool. thuyngan however... is well, exactly what i love^^ instant watcha nd all that stuff, she´s really amazing and i´m loving her art. The distinct lighting and the soft shading definitely make her art standout. Lovin it, thanks for sharing^^
Sooooo now to my favs : 3:

Dan Luvisi:
A quite awesome artist who focuses on insane rendering. He also made a giant book full of crazy artwork which i own^^ In terms of pure "art quality" and character design ideas (in visual design and backstory) he´s definitely one of my favorite artists out there

Jiyu Kaze:
Just downright the most ridiculous digital painter i´ve ever seen. His art  has a ridiculous amount of realism to it while still staying "artsy". Basically his artworks look like 3d models which is mainly because he perfected the use of ambient occlusion in 2d. But well he uploads rarely, but when he does goddamn is it a feast for the eye.

Weirdly enough nanfe is a totally different style of artist. She mainly just draws really edgy anime stlye stuff thats as depressing and "emo" as it can get. But thats kinda why i love her art. It´s just kinda... "cool" i guess^^

Jonas de Ro:
He simply draws the most amazing landscapes ever. Nothing more and nothing less^^

He makes fractals which are basically computergenerated images, but i´ve never seen someone create such amazing sceneries with that. Most of the time it´s just whirling lines, but damn they turn out ridiculously cool sometimes.

Some others i adore for no specific reason other than their art looks awesome:
-Wojtek Fus

i think that was it
lumisse Featured By Owner May 1, 2015  Hobbyist
Actrually, I don't mind at all XD I got see a lot of new artists I had never noticed before. *__* Lots of superb galleries.

A few notes:
hakuku: Yeah, I find her style refreshing because its so different from what I normally go for (that is, semi-realism). I just really love her use of simple shapes and colors to make impactful illustrations. 

wlop: You're right. He does draw the Ghostblade girl a lot, and like quite a few artists, he seems stuck in the same-face-syndrome pit (I'm in there, too, though. Digging myself out... slowly XD). The thing that I like the most about his art, though, is his coloring style. Even it's digital and semi-realistic, I always feel like the edges are soft (without being mushy and undefined) and that colors are... layered on, like pastels. It's hard to describe, but its a look I don't see often with semi-realistic, digital illustration. He's also good with colors and composition, and my favorite of his is "Nightmare".… I also fell in love with his streetscapes.

Now, without further ado, some quick notes from me as well:

Dan Luvisi: -has incredible rendering skills. I liked the "Redemption" folder the best. But seriously, he pays so much attention to detail. Not a single glare, reflection, or texture is missed. His popped culture series is also interesting, and I like the Pooh one (Pooh was a childhood favorite). While the concept is great, it still isn't really my cup of tea. 

Jiyuu-Kaze- You weren't joking about his work looking like 3D models! He's completely mastered the art of light and shadow. My favorite from his gallery was "Noctis", but he has some seriously cool mecha work as well. 

Nanfe- Actual goth art, bringing out the bit of emo inside all of us. XD Oh, all of a sudden, I was reminded of this illustration.… I've always liked it, even though as a magic card, it kinda sucks. For my edgy/flashy anime art, I like shiin (okay, I don't know about edgy but most of her stuff is pretty dynamic)

Jonas de Ro- THESE ARE WONDERFUL. And they're not just landscapes, but also cityscapes, people, relatable little slices of reality on a canvas. Insta-watch, haha. His lighting and color are superb. Thanks for sharing. 

Chaosfissure- Okay, so I always thought fractals were lame, but this guy has just proved me wrong. I've never seen anything like it. I wonder how he does it. Watched him, too.

The others: oh yeah, I've seen these around the web a lot, especially artgerm. XD 

Another random one from me: . I think you'll find that she has the same sort of issue wlop does, but nonetheless, I think it's worth a look. My tops from her:

1. Vampire:… (The use of blue is nice!)
2. Boundry:…

I have more to say, but I'll save it for later. There's already an essay's worth or writing right here. ^^;
corruptedhelios Featured By Owner May 4, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Yeah wlop certainly has his awesome points. The way he handles his brushstrokes is just masterful in combination with his color usage. And when he decides to do architecture or land/cityscapes in general it never fails to drop my jaw^^ But well, it kinda feels like i´ve already seen all he can do, which is kinda saddening:/
Still an amazing artist^^

I can see Dan Luvisi not being everyones cup of tea, tbh i dont even like the subject material of his drawings (too "american"^^), but well i just love his artstyle and he definitely influenced me into the style that i currently have.
Hm Barony Vampire definitely has a similar vibe to Nanfes stuff. Shilin is actually another case where i´m just like... "ehh". Her Art is amazing and her lighting/coloring as well as posing is just superb, but for some reason i cant bring myself to really "love" her art. It´s weird.
Oh and btw. i thought exactly the same of fractals before i discovered chaosfissure and well i still kinda think the same of every fractal that isnt his^^

I actually had some of feimos art in my favorites, but decided now to watch her. Well she definitely got the "same face problem" she at least draws different characters and i absolutely love her artstyle so i´m willing to forgive that : D

Uhm i´d really like to add something to this essay, but well i´ll just start with a new question^^
What do you listen to while drawing?
(1 Reply)
corruptedhelios Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2015  Student Digital Artist
You´ve got a neat artstyle. Liking it alot, so dont mind me following you^^
lumisse Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2015  Hobbyist
Of course I don't mind, and thank you for your support! It's not every day someone compliments the way I draw, so I appreciate it. 
As a matter of fact, I'll follow you back. ^^  Thanks again.   
REFREAK111 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Hey, here to say that your Steamtalia entry was beautiful and you deserved to win!^^ Congratulations!
lumisse Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014  Hobbyist
Ahhhh thank you, you're so nice! :glomp: I'm so glad you liked it!
REFREAK111 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
It's no problem^^
YaroslavaPanina Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you for your favorites
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